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Thanks to everyone who contributed to our initiative in Phase 1.

Your contributions helped us donate 10,000 masks to healthcare professionals and essential workers, in addition to distributing 3,000 washable and reusable masks to all our amazing backers.

The supply shortage problem persists and therefore, lives will be jeopardized if we stop providing masks now. There are more lives to protect and save. As many states reopen or plan to reopen soon, we are launching our second campaign to reach more people. Our new goal is to raise $1 million and distribute more than 100,000 masks to front line heroes and provide 100,000 washable masks to individuals, corporations and communities. With your continued help, we can make an even larger impact and keep our heroes and loved ones safe. We included new packages in our perks to meet your needs (Back 2 Work, Back 2 Sports and Back 2 Campus)


We’ve grown up idolizing superheroes in capes and masks. Now, real-life superheroes wear scrubs  and masks, but they need more. Our doctors, nurses and first responders can’t get enough of the N95 masks they need to protect themselves. This is where you ca make a difference. By supporting this campaign, you will be supporting our most important assets in this fight against COVID-19. 

Your contribution will allow us to send an N95/ KN95 mask to a hospital in need. On top of that, you’ll get a high-quality, washable, and stylish cotton mask designed by students at MIT. And we’ll do all of this at cost – we don’t intend to make a dime of profit. 

Masks DO make a difference. The U.S. government is now recommending that you wear a cloth mask whenever you leave the house. Even if you don’t have a cough – even if you have no symptoms at all – you can still carry AND spread the virus. Wearing a cloth mask may protect you and everyone around you. Be a hero to the heroes! Back this campaign today, and we’ll get an N95/ KN95 mask to medical professionals heroes and a cloth mask to you.

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