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Our Masks

The leader of the team, Dr. Ahmed Mady’s family, owns a textile manufacturing factory where they have dedicated two production lines to manufacture fabric face masks at cost with a production capacity of approximately 50,000 masks per week.

They have also secured three suppliers who can provide more than 100,000 N95 and KN95 FDA/ NIOSH approved, CDC certified masks for our frontline workers.   




For the general public, we designed a stylish face mask that is manufactured from cotton blend/100% cotton fabric with an embedded filter. The mask will be comfortable, washable and reusable for many times. These masks will achieve more than 70% protection efficacy based on published data from University of Cambridge.  


The fabric masks will come in different colors and patterns for adults and children.  


The N95/ KN95 masks - and the materials they're made from - are in extremely short supply right now. So, it's critical that we reserve them for those who need them most, medical professionals. 

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